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Hana Shinju H/ Cream

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Contains Uwajima Pearl Made in Japan powder (beauty ingredient) grown in the blue sea where beautiful pearls grow.
This h/ cream is convenient to carry anywhere, anytime, / is small enough to fit in a pouch.
Point 1]
Contains pearl powder (beauty ingredient)
While gently caring for the skin, it spreads Teri/Lusterly / protects the fingers from dryness.
Point 2]
Chimpy extract from Onshu m/arin orange has excellent whitening effect / can be expected to reduce dullness, brighten skin / complexion, / lighten the color of blemishes

Point 3] Moist,
yet Teri/Luster finish
There is no slimy feeling when dipped in water.

Take an appropriate amount / gently spread it on your fingers

No synthetic fragrance, no synthetic colorant, no mineral oil, no additives.
Contents: 20g

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