I accept an order, but, regardless of inside and outside the country, please be careful about the following points.

Matters that require attention

In the case of overseas shipment, it does not take consumption tax of Japan, but, please warn him because there is a case to cost a duty of the mailing address individual treatment.

Because it is requested in a product receipt, please pay the duty to a carrier.

I cannot send it out to the country (or with an import amount of money the country with the limit) where our product is appointed to an embargo product. After order confirmation, I work to refund it immediately after having contacted a visitor.

Please inquire whether you correspond to import prohibited goods in the customs of us or the neighborhood.

In addition, approve it because there is the case that a product cannot ship on account of the insurance in the case of a high-priced line.

I send it out about the shipment in international package or DHL. If shipment is completed, I inform it by an E-mail.

※The pearl cosmetics become outside an overseas shipment object.