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Sakura Pearl Cleansing

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Containing amino acids very similar to those found in human skin / rich in moisturizing power, pearl ingredients are blended in powder form to absorb dirt / old keratin deep within the skin. This cleanser is gentle on the skin / removes dirt while moisturizing. Cherry blossom extract moisturizes the skin. After washing, your skin will be moist / Teri/Luster. No fragrance, no synthetic colorant, no mineral oil, no UV absorber, no paraben, no alcohol, no oil, no 7 additives. Since it is non-oil, there is no need to double wash your face. Apply a small
amount to the palm of your h/ / gently blend into your skin as you wash your face morning / night. When makeup / dirt are lifted off, rinse with water or lukewarm water.
Content 120g

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