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Pin brooch Camellia

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Introducing a luxurious pin brooch adorned with Uwajima-produced Akoya pearls. Its streamlined design leaves a lasting impression, capturing hearts with its elegant beauty at first glance.

This pin brooch, featuring the design of a camellia, exudes a glamorous and dignified presence. The camellia flower symbolizes "eternal love" and "profound respect," and the design carries the language of flowers, making it an ideal gift choice.

The Akoya pearls used in this brooch measure approximately 7mm, showcasing their exquisite luster and smooth texture, accentuating the elegance of pearls.

Combining glamour and sophistication, this pin brooch is perfect for enhancing special occasions or adding a fashionable accent to any ensemble.

Product name: Akoya pearl pin brooch

Size: About 7.0 mm

Material: Brass (coated)

Diameter: About 2.0 cm

Color : White pink

Shape : Round or semi-round

Teri/Luster: ☆☆☆☆

Nacre thickness: ☆☆☆☆

Blemish/Dimples: ☆☆☆

Item Number :NO149

Accessories: Guarantee card / Dedicated case

There is Dedicated case that the color condition looks different in the actual thing from on the screen.

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