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10-piece limited edition K14 white gold 8.0mm 2-way tuck pin

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Product Description.

Valentine's Day special offer, available for immediate delivery!

This is a simple tie tack of Koshimono Akoya pearls cultured at Tensei Pearl. The pearls are 8 mm in diameter / are specially selected to be suitable for gifts.

The brilliance of the pearl gives a one-point accent / a very elegant impression. It is suitable for both men / women / can be worn anywhere, so there are many scenes where it can be used.

By using K14 white gold for the core, there is no change over time / it has a luxurious finish.

The clasp is made of rhodium plated brass.

When using as a tie tack, please hang the chain on the button. It can be used as a pin brooch around the collar, as we will also include hardware without a chain.

This time, only 10 items will be available for immediate delivery.

This time, just before Valentine's Day, we are selling it at a special price as a stock release project!

Please take this opportunity to buy it as a gift for your loved one or as a reward for yourself!

Product name: Akoya pearl design pendant

Size: 8.0 mm

Material: K14WG/Brass (rhodium plated)

Length: 15mm

Color :White pink

Shape : Round

Teri/Luster: ☆☆☆☆☆

Nacre thickness: ☆☆☆☆☆

Blemish/Dimples: ☆☆☆☆

Item Number:TEN15Z-20

Accessories: Guarantee card / Dedicated case

Caution The color condition may look a little different on the screen / the real thing.

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